Kitchen Tea 1/3

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I bet no one has ever said to you, “I’m going to be a bridesmaid three times within twenty days.” Well I have something to tell you, my three best friends are getting married. “I’m going to be a bridesmaid three times within twenty days.” I promise these marriages weren’t decided based on ‘keeping to theme.’ But they do mean that I am involved with planning three kitchen teas. Do people do Kitchen Teas in other countries? Essentially they are an occasion to celebrate the bride-to-be as well as setting her up for her new kitchen. In New Zealand this is definitely something to consider (it finds itself on the plus side) when you are being proposed to!

Nathania was the first to have her Kitchen Tea and I was the host, as well as her four other bridesmaids, as it was at my house. Fifty woman packed in to my living room, we all made a piece of a bridal outfit out of crepe paper and played ‘dress the bride,’ and carrot cake, Dulcie and June’s slice and peanut butter cookies were all handed around. Nathania opened fifty gifts and she now has her new kitchen! It was very fun indeed.

Every item of food was carefully considered. Carrot Cake with Creamcheese icing is common for one very good reason, it’s that good. Dulcie and June’s Slice (yes Dulcie of Dulcie Dough) deserves a recipe write up but I will post that soon. And Peanut Butter Cookies are not only fun to make but they are moorish, which is appropriate when you have an entire large jar fill of them and they can be dipped into tea, which was also rather fitting considering every woman held a tea cup as it was a Kitchen TEA.

Nathania and Victoria, one of the five bridesmaids.

Kitchen Tea 1/3 Recipe – enjoy!

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